Infusing health and wellness

At Golden Hill, our mission is to help our residents to regain their vitality quickly. Our IV therapy, administered by experienced, caring nurses can help address a variety of health conditions.

IV therapy is simple and painless, allowing fluids and medication to be delivered faster than oral administration. During treatment, patients are encouraged to relax in our beautiful infusion room.

Fully equipped to care

24-HR RN Supervisor
In-House Phlebotomist
In-House Diagnostics (X-Ray, Ultrasound, Doppler)
Chem Panel
Injury Recovery Immune System Support

Injury Recovery

While recovering from traumatic injury, the body can be left feeling aching, bruised and sore.
Recovery IV drip therapy includes a number of components designed to accelerate the recovery period. Fluids help to rehydrate the body, while vitamins, antioxidants and amino acids improve energy levels and repair tissue damage.

Immune System Support

For those with a compromised immune system, our cold and flu season can be a particularly vulnerable time. IV therapy for immune system support includes vitamins and minerals to naturally boost the immune system and ward off illness.

Here, Every Day is

Within our comfortable and warm environment, residents at Golden Hill enjoy:

  • Beautiful and luxurious accommodations
  • Three delicious, healthy meals daily
  • Housekeeping, linen and laundry service
  • Active social programming and activities