A mindful approach

Psychological support is an integral part of our services at Golden Hill. We believe that no resident should feel debilitated due to poor psychological health. We know that when residents are in good psychological health, recovery becomes simpler, smoother and more effective.

At Golden Hill, we’re here to help residents recover and return to their best life. Recovery from illness and injury can be hard not just on the body, but on the psyche as well.

Fully equipped to care

Consulting Psychiatrist
In-house counselors
In-house social worker
Staff Support Psychological Support

Staff Support

Every member of our staff is passionate about helping residents feel supported psychologically, not only physically and medically.

Our nurses are specially trained to use heightened sensitivity when caring for residents who feel vulnerable.

Additionally, social workers work closely with residents, easing the transition from their previous lifestyles to facility living. Attention is given to residents’ history, family, background and former life. We view each resident as the vibrant person they once were, and aim to support and give them the opportunity for a vibrant lifestyle at Golden Hill.

Psychological Support

Our residents face unique issues related to lifespan development, including bereavement, adjustment difficulties, health-related concerns, and functioning and independence changes. Our psychotherapy services serve as a vehicle for processing these and other stressors our residents are dealing with.

Our psychologists work with residents on a case-by-case basis, striving to provide effective non-pharmacological intervention.

Knowing that they have somewhere to turn for mental support provides our residents with comfort and peace of mind.

Here, Every Day is

Within our comfortable and warm environment, residents at Golden Hill enjoy:

  • Beautiful and luxurious accommodations
  • Three delicious, healthy meals daily
  • Housekeeping, linen and laundry service
  • Active social programming and activities