Catering to all dietary needs

Many medical conditions come along with strict, and often seemingly impossible dietary restrictions. Our Registered Dietician (RD) works with residents requiring specialized diets to create a menu plan that both caters to their condition and is varied and delicious as well.

We understand that at times residents may not feel well enough to eat a regular diet. To support and nourish residents through such a period, our RD can arrange for alternate meals and nutrition supplements.

In addition, all menus are designed by an RD and are nutritionally balanced. Our chefs take great pride in preparing meals that are both appetizing and delicious.

Fully equipped to care

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Common Prescribed Diets Therapeutic Diets

Common Prescribed Diets

Clear Liquid Diet - Often prescribed for a short period after surgery, this diet consists of clear juices, broth, popsicles, gelatin, and tea;

Full Liquid Diet - Prescribed after surgery as a transition from clear liquids to a regular diet. This diet includes the entire clear liquid diet as well as dairy products such as: milk, yogurt, pudding, and smooth cream soups;

Standard Diet - Our regular diet consists of foods similar to what is eaten at home, follows the Dietary Guidelines for Americans and is moderate in salt, sugar, and fat.

Therapeutic Diets

Cardiac Diet - This diet is catered to residents who have elevated cholesterol or high blood pressure. The diet consists of foods that are low in saturated fat, cholesterol and salt. Whole grains, abundant vegetables and fruit, lean meat, poultry, and fish are emphasized;

Diabetic Diet - The diabetic diet is low in sugar and fat. The diet is designed to keep blood sugar levels under control;

Low Sodium Diet - This diet is prescribed for residents who have high blood pressure, pneumonia, kidney disease, or whose bodies retain water. Delicious herbs are used as seasoning in place of salt.

Here, Every Day is

Within our comfortable and warm environment, residents at Golden Hill enjoy:

  • Beautiful and luxurious accommodations
  • Three delicious, healthy meals daily
  • Housekeeping, linen and laundry service
  • Active social programming and activities