Take control of your health

For residents suffering from diabetes, managing healthy eating, physical activity, glucose testing and medical regimens can seem impossible. Golden Hill is here to guide our residents in maintaining their health and minimizing the risk of diabetic complications.

Our nurses devote special care to the medical needs of diabetic residents. Encouraging positive eating habits, as well as assisting residents in all aspects of their diabetic needs, residents return home with a healthier approach to their condition.

Fully equipped to care

24-Hr RN Supervisor
In-House Phlebotomist
In-House Diagnostics (X-Ray, Ultrasound, Doppler)
Chem Panel
Kidney Health Dialysis

Kidney Health

Our regular kidney screenings and enforcement of early treatment help to keep our residents' kidneys healthy for longer. At Golden Hill, our team includes specialists in diabetes and kidney disease. Together, we’ll monitor, detect early problems, and treat residents should problems arise.


For residents requiring dialysis treatment, Golden Hill offers dialysis care, including appointment scheduling, transportation, and more.

Here, Every Day is

Within our comfortable and warm environment, residents at Golden Hill enjoy:

  • Beautiful and luxurious accommodations
  • Three delicious, healthy meals daily
  • Housekeeping, linen and laundry service
  • Active social programming and activities